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sfc Junior firefighters

Are you under 18 and want to join the Southampton Fire Company?


Good news! You can join the ranks of Station 2 as a Junior Firefighter starting as early as 14 years old!


You can’t quite go into a burning building, but you can start serving your community by:


  • Assisting firefighters in performing duties both in the station

  • Become familiar with all different types of equipment and techniques used by the Southampton Fire Company

  • Obtain an entry level knowledge of firefighting, rescue, hazardous materials, CPR, and first aid.

  • Participate and actively engage in company level training nights.

  • Assist in various administrative and organizational functions by participation in company committees

  • Engage in fire prevention education and community events


Once you turn 16 years old, you are then able to expanded your abilities by:


  • Attending the Basic Fire Academy offered through Bucks County Community College

  • Responding to fire & rescue emergencies in accordance with Pennsylvania Child Labor Laws and departmental policy under the supervision of a Southampton Fire Company line officer

  • Attending additional training opportunities hosted through Bucks County Community College

  • Continuing to learn advanced firefighting tactics so that you exceed expectations once eligible for interior firefighting at 18 years old


In addition to serving the community, joining the Southampton Fire Company as a Junior Firefighter has many benefits including:


  • The ability to achieve personal goals and learning to overcome stressful situations

  • Provided uniforms, gear, and training with professional certification opportunities

  • Life-long friendships

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Access to company facilities, computer workstations, and our recreation room

  • Future job opportunities both inside and outside of emergency services

  • Most importantly, the pride of helping your community

If you are interested in joining, please visit our “Apply” Section to complete an application!

Did you know Southampton Fire Company is 100% volunteer? Go to our application page to learn how you can join! Or, donate to help us continue serving our great Southampton community.

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Interested in joining?

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